Welcome back to my blog everybody! Today’s topic is about conventional farming versus organic farming.


Conventional farming refers to a method of farming with the use of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers, while organic farming use natural pesticides.  Organic farming focuses more on soil regeneration, water conservation and animal welfare.

In the previous posts, we learned that even the slightest change in an ecosystem can interrupt both aquatic and terrestrial organisms. For instance, conventional farming causes soil erosion and land degradation.  As the sediment  from soil erosion gets to the ocean, habitats for many marine organisms are effected.  The erosion decreases in the amount of available sunlight which many limit the production of the algae.  Without less algae, there is less food source for marine organisms since algae is a primary producer.   Soil degradation also damage fish by irritating or scouring their gills and degrade fish habitats as gravel containing buried eggs becomes filled with fine particles.  Off-site effect of soil erosion! Dead zones in the oceans caused by soil erosions.

Till next time!


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