The Aquarium Tour and the Kayak Trip

It was last week when my marine science class went to the Shaw Discovery Ocean Centre, our local aquarium to take a good look on what we have been learning.  We also  went on a kayak trip in Brentwood Bay to observe the organisms in our ecosystem, well pretty much to ‘examine’ our environments.

tumblr_mr62ceUEtg1s4bdezo1_500It felt nice to be at the aquarium.  When I was a little girl, I had always enjoyed visiting the aquarium at a university back in Thailand.  I went there so often that my parents made a joke that all creatures there remember me.  Now that I am older, marine organisms became more interesting and beautiful.


original colour

Seeing a Giant Pacific Octopus changing its colour from redish-brown to partually white was so cool.  click here! to see what I saw 🙂 It knows how to open a lid of plastic container.


after it turned white


what a beautiful sea pen!

One of my favorite marine invertebrate must be the sea pens.  They are one of the organisms that decorate the ocean flow when they glow in the dark.

I had a chance to touch starfishes and sea anemones for the first time. The green sea anemones tentacles are surprisingly sticky as their tentacles are fairly small.  Green_Sea_Anemone_by_dgillies

I would love to go back to the aquarium again!



Last marine science feild trip started off pretty scary.  It was the first time I have kayaked.  All of my classmate wanted to go on the single-person kayak, that made me even more alarming. However, one of them was kind enough to go on the double with me.  I used to thought that being in a kayak must be uncomfortable , I was wrong.  Controlling the rudder was not easy.  We hit the same dock for about 3 times.  Despite the difficulties, the whole trip was delightful.  I saw LOTS of white jellies along the big rocks  or shores where the water was shallow.  We were lucky enough to witness a seal swimming around.  On our way back, my kayak was the last to get back….well well.  Everyone was so support and encouraging.  What a lovely bunch of people! haha:D


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